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RBJLabs – About Us!

Welcome to our RBJLabs page for those who are looking step by step for solving homework and engineering exercises. Come in and discover a wonderful world!

What is

Simply and simply RBJLabs is an inspired project to offer help with school homework, mainly engineering, providing solved exercises of the school for all those who want to observe resolution methods, learn how to solve some exercise and to share information with all you who make this project possible.

The reason why we decided to start the project

Many times being a student when you try your best to do a job you feel that you do not want to share your work just to show other colleagues that you know how to solve it. The idea mentioned, with the passage of time you realize that it is a very selfish way of thinking, and when you start to share your efforts with your classmates, you discover so much more possibilities that you had not thought of solving the school exercises.

So share homework with colleagues, encouraged by wanting to share with everyone to reach yourselves who are reading this blog, we will always upload quality content for all of you.

What will you find in

Let me explain what we have at the moment.

In the “Menu” section you will find a variety of topics related to engineering, there you will find topics of calculation, geometry, probability and statistics, electrical circuits, you will find forms, and a very interesting post to write equations in Word in a very fast way.

In the section of “Instagram” we have the Instagram account of @rbjlabs, to which I invite you to give us a Follow :) If you send a message we will respond very quickly.

We are working in a store with very select content which we know is very useful for those people who want to dedicate themselves to some field of mathematics and engineering.

In the “Contact” section you can see a form in which you can send us an email, or you can write your own email by sending it to

Finally, the “Donate:)” section is for any retribution you want to make, no matter how small or large it may be.

All these mentioned contents are only the beginning, we are always writing to bring more quality information for all of you and even for ourselves. Remember that we are always sharing a contribution from us to the world.

Thank you for being at this moment with us:) You can leave a comment if you like

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