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Division test

How to know if the division we have made is correct

To know if the division we have solved is correct, we will use the following formula:

\text{Dividend} \ = \ \left( \text{divisor} \ \times \ \text{quotient} \right) \ + \ \text{remainder}

If you don’t know or don’t remember what the parts of the division are, click here.

Example of the division test

We will use the following example:

Figure 1

Which leads us to apply the formula mentioned at the beginning of the post:

\ \left( 2 \times 12 \right) \ + \ 1

All the previous operation has to be equal to the dividend (it is the number that is inside the dividing box), carrying out the previous operations we have to:

\ \left( 2 \times 12 \right) \ + \ 1 = 25

As the operation gave us equal to the dividend, then our division is well carried out. Done! With that you check if you made the division correct.

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