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Hypothesis test formulas for a sample 📖

Hypothesis test formulas for averages

\sigma known

z_{0} = \cfrac{\bar{X} - \mu_{0}}{\cfrac{\sigma}{\sqrt{n}}}

\sigma unknown, large sample

z_{0} = \cfrac{\bar{X} - \mu_{0}}{\cfrac{s}{\sqrt{n}}}

\sigma unknown, small sample

t_{0} = \cfrac{\bar{X} - \mu_{0}}{\cfrac{s}{\sqrt{n}}}

Formula hypothesis test for proportions

If does n\hat{p} > 5 and n(1 - \hat{p})> 5:

z_{0} = \cfrac{\hat{p} - p_{0}}{\sqrt{\cfrac{p_{0}q_{0}}{n}}}

Hypothesis test formula for variances

\chi_{0}^{2} = \cfrac{(n - 1)s^{2}}{\sigma_{0}^{2}}

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