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We wholeheartedly appreciate your contribution to us so that we can continue with the project and thus continue to provide you with useful information totally free. I enclose the different forms of donation that we have available:


To make a donation through PayPal, click on the following button:


We also accept cryptocurrencies!

Bitcoin: 3Ee87jTDDzp23B9gSjaVPRgS3DGtnkYpez

ETH (also accepts ERC-20 Tokens): 0x145b2BCE7Bc9Dd58cbBae602A5F82f7c77072367

Litecoin: MFZ7oMiHP4vdSddgFEwrEMgKTJpyVpJg6w

Bitcoin Cash: pptr6uepyl4a70fnj7rsutd0fgt4kme4fqvv9xygz8

Redes sociales

A donation that is free and that would help us a lot is to give us a follow on Instagram and/or to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Really, with all my heart, thank you very much for your donation, support, good comment, or whatever you like to leave in a good vibe, it is always welcome.